Hi Everyone,

Corinne arrived at 3am. Corey was no where to be found. We’re not really sure where she went but her evil twin definitely let us know she left the building. Corinne spent the day teaching the nursing staff the importance of wearing shin guards, how to fine tune their negotiation skills as well as deflect flying utensils when a patient goes on a hunger strike. It was one of those days!

The primary cause of Corey’s agitation was her “shoes”. She asked me why she had to wear them, how long they would be on and who said she couldn’t take them off. I repeated the same answers; you had surgery, they have to stay on for 4 weeks, you only have 1 more week to go and the Doctors say you need them on. Her response, “They never wore these shoes”! I laughed out loud…smart girl, they probably haven’t had to wear those shoes and workout with 10lb weights daily for 4 weeks!

Corinne is finally asleep. I’m hoping she doesn’t call my dorm room at 3am tonight. When you say your prayers, please say a few extra for me and the nursing staff!
Happy dreams, xoxo