Hi Everyone,

The following sentence is not going to make sense…the past few days have been very difficult but it’s a sign of tremendous progress.

Corey is definitely emerging through another layer of consciousness. She is asking repetitive questions which actually assists in retention for her short term memory. Dr. Murphy explained that asking questions repetitively as she receives the same answer for each response becomes an acquired memory which helps her short term memory loss. For instance; “where are my sister and my brother”? My response, ‘JohnPaul and Caitlin are working”. That then expands to their location, when they get off work and when we will see them next; then put that on repeat…today she asked for JohnPaul and Caitlin 482 times…literally…pray for my patience, please.

The difficult part of this new phase is watching her express emotion. Corey does not have tears yet she is getting very emotional. Her eyes well up with tears, her chin quivers and it’s obvious she’s “crying”. She asked, “How long have I been away”? I explain her timeline. She stares at me trying to comprehend the story, “I don’t remember anything”. I reassure her but she is frustrated. She asked me, “Am I 16 or 17”? “You are 19”…she paused; “I’ve missed a lot of years”. She broke down. I stood her up from her wheelchair, I had no words. I held her close and the two of us cried together.

It’s time to rally the troops! We need our cheerleaders! Please write a note on her carepage or send her a funny card letting her know you are thinking of her.

***Calling all Avon Grove girlfriends…She needs a girl’s night! Text me ASAP to pull together some visits.

I promised you all that I would ask for help when I figured out what we needed…
Team Corey needs help! Anything you can think of that will lift her spirits and keep her going would be appreciated…she needs a boost gang, xoxo