Hi Everyone,

Corey had a better day today. She had a visit from two of her closest girlfriends and made dinner for all of us tonight ~ the girls loved her Lasagna Cupcakes.

We were talking about Corey’s progress and turned on some of the videos dating back to July 30, 2011. We didn’t post it on You Tube but it was a video of her first swimming experience with Uncle Tom. The video truly reflects how far she’s come in the last year. Christie commented that it is especially exciting for her to watch the video but then turn to look at Corey as she watches the episode. She is truly a different person.

We chatted about the girls finishing their freshman year, preparing for sophomore year and they’re turning 20 this year. They asked what the expectations are for Corey’s rehab and schooling. I shared that Medicaid informed us that all of Corey’s services will change once she hit’s 21. Our local school district will also stop services once she is 21.

At the moment we have been approved for 5 weeks of Out Patient therapy from Blue Cross and 8 weeks of therapy from Medicaid. If Corey’s out-patient rehab progresses with the gains we’ve seen over the last month that will take us to the middle of September. We can then apply for an additional 8 weeks at Bryn Mawr with Medicaid.

It is my hope that if she continues this summer’s ESY (extended school year) services from the district along with the out-patient rehab at Bryn Mawr; get the extensions for intensive Rehab and resume school services during the school year, all of these opportunities will prepare Corey to walk across the stage to get her diploma by next June. I’m hoping she will then be able to start a college course come September 2012.

Corey why couldn’t it happen? Look at what you’ve accomplished in the last year! Now is the perfect time to dream big dreams. Now is the perfect time to work towards becoming whatever you want, make travel plans, create and make a difference. Your dreams will continue to energize you. You have so much life yet to live. Remember that dreams can take you where you are meant to go…so Dream BIG xoxo