Hi Everyone,

Corey and I are typing this note from our King size bed at the Marriot in Lancaster, PA. Caitlin, Corey, our nurse Jamie and I are attending the annual conference of the Brain Injury Association of PA. Tomorrow will be Corey’s first public speaking engagement.

Our presentation topic; the day after insurance is denied ~ a caregiver’s guide to home therapy. We are very excited (and a little nervous). The conference is expected to draw 360 attendees over the next two days. We could possibly see 60 attendees at our presentation. Caitlin has pulled together our power point and Corey has already practiced her speech.

Our accommodations are wonderful. Corey and I have a room with a handicapped bathroom with an adjoining room for Caitlin and Jamie.

Corey had her first dinner ordering off a menu. Her selection ~ Caesar salad and Filet Mignon. (I think after not eating for 18 months, this girl deserves the best!)
She actually out ate the 3 of us! I was concerned about her portion size for one bite and she scolded me stating, “Mom, I can handle it”. I complimented her on how well she was eating and she agreed; “I’m going to town on this”…we laughed out loud at that one!

We are very excited to be here, presenting and attending another BIA event.

I am reading this post out loud as I type.
Corey just interjected, “it is so wonderful to be a survivor”…

Happy dreams all, tomorrow is a big day! xoxo