Hi Everyone,

The coaches met Corinne on Friday. They prefer Corey but were excellent with Corinne as we tried to make it through her sessions. Unfortunately she only participated in PT. We left halfway through OT and had to cancel ST. It was one of those days.

I deliberately kept this weekend low key for Corey. The heat was oppressive and sitting outside was not an option for her. She took many naps which she obviously needed especially coming off a busy week which included the conference.

At the moment we are taking one day at a time; sometimes hour by hour. I will be meeting with Dr. Murphy again this week to discuss strategies to help Corey with her memory. The recurring issue is her past memory does not match her current reality. She looks around and doesn’t recognize the house therefore she wants to go to her real home. I look much different than her memory of me at 14 hence her insisting I find her real mom. (This weekend I was ready to find her real mom too)

Sadly, we are not the only family going through difficult changes. A friend of ours passed away Friday and a family member heard disheartening news from their doctor this weekend.

My closest friends will tell you that when my world seems out of control, I clean. I think Freud would have a book to fill with my reasoning that if my house is organized and clean somehow I will have control over something; anything, given our ever changing life and world as it continues to spin out of control.

I was organizing a closet, folding clothes and checking pockets when I came across a paper written by Corey dated July 2010 (the summer before the accident).

She had just returned from a funeral for one of her favorite teachers. The experience caused her to reflect on Life, Love and Death.

“Death is a horrible thing but what I think most people don’t figure out in time is the right way to live. The most important thing is that the little things do matter. Life is meant to be enjoyed. You could dwell on arguments and upsets or move on. You could let people see you’re upset or cease the day. It’s hard to grasp and sometimes you really just want to be mad but every breath counts and you can never get a minute of it back so make sure that minutes worth living the first time”.

Corey once again you remind me of what’s important. Getting caught up in the details of change puts a blindfold on what we should be seeing. How many minutes do we waste when we are not focusing on the present? If we open ourselves to accept change, we will have the courage to make the most of those minutes. Life then will get better and better as it changes again and again.

Thank you, xoxo