Hi Everyone,

Corey was not in the mood to be my coach as Jeanine, OT, introduced our new arm exercises. I told her that I’ll never get in shape if she refused to be my personal trainer. I reminded her of the time we were all sitting at the kitchen table when the kids were younger. They were talking about how strong their muscles were. We each took turns flexing and showing off our Popeye arms. When it was my turn, Corey asked my why my muscles were on the bottom of my arms? She laughed out loud at the memory then agreed to help me workout for the rest of the session.

After a nap and lunch, Corey was much better and ready to work with Coach Ted. She not only walked 64 feet, she also climbed 4 steps. Coach Ted was on vacation last week. He commented that today’s walk improved in the week he was away and her stair climb improved from yesterday.

There have been many changes to our lives lately and not just in regard to Corey. It’s given me cause to reflect on so much. I’ve been thinking of The Weaver prayer daily. When you’re in the thick of whatever situation you face it is as if you are looking at the underside of a tapestry. The colors are overlapped, threads are going in skewed directions, they’re knotted and black is the dominant color. It’s a mess; there is no discernable design yet you know that one exists on the upper side. Once you unroll the tapestry the true design is exposed. The black threads, no longer dominant, are subtly outlining the details of the vibrant colors used in the big picture.

A friend of mine sent me a link to a survivor’s story that encouraged me to remember there is a big picture. Noelle McNeil was thrown from a horse at 20yrs old in 2005. Her story mirrors Corey’s story. Seven years post accident this young woman has graduated college and is now working as an advocate for TBI patients and their families. She is thriving. After watching her story on You Tube, we were reminded that today we can only see the underside of our tapestry. Eventually we’ll see more colors.

Corey and I watched Noelle’s story. I was anxious to hear her impression.
M; “what do you think of that video”?
C; “There are other people out in the world like me”.
M; “how does that make you feel about your recovery”?
C; “I’ll get there someday”.
M; “How do you feel your recovery is going”?
C; “It’s not fast enough”.

It’s time to get the popcorn out and replay the old videos but more importantly, watch the newest accomplishments. I’ve attached Noelle’s story for those of you who might be interested. I’ve also posted 3 new videos of Corey’s progress.

Corey your Right Foot Boogie and Left Foot Salute are amazing to me. You need to be reminded that #1 your feet are now at 90 degrees; no more locked ballerina toes. #2 you’re moving those toes and your feet. #3 the left toes wiggled for the first time 4 months ago after being asleep for 17 months! I know that each little movement frustrates you because you have to concentrate to make it happen, but its happening! Those toes and ankles need to move in order for you to take each step. Each step moves you forward towards endless possibilities. Imagine where each step will lead you once you no longer have to think about it.

You confidently told me tonight, “I’ll get there someday” ~ it’s a matter of time kiddo.
You’re on your way… xoxo

PS ~ Check out her socks!

Noelle McNeil’s story

Corey Beattie Right Foot Boogie

Corey Beattie Left Foot Salute

Corey Beattie 64feet