Hi Everyone,

We have had some ups and downs this weekend; primarily regarding Corey’s short term memory and disorientation. Our nursing is still unsettled but both agencies are working on building a consistent team. Until then, there are many new faces. The inconsistency is not helping with Corey’s adjustment during this awakening stage.

I have been reading a journal to Corey written by Noelle McNeil, a TBI survivor. She is enjoying it very much. The journal is very good for both of us. I’m learning about TBI from the survivor’s perspective and Corey likes that there are other people out there “like her”. I believe she is enjoying it because she can relate to this young woman. Her writing is candid and insightful. Noelle wanted to write her book hoping to help other young woman as they face their own personal challenges. I am encouraging Corey to journal with me not only to recount her story but to use the writings as a form of therapy for her self.

Your notes in response to our post Thursday have been extremely helpful. I have repeatedly read them to Corey throughout the weekend. Tonight she asked to write a page to all of you…

A note from Corey,

Thank you for paying attention to me. I like that people think about me, it makes me want to get better for them.

I move fine. I’m starting to walk; I walk so much. Soon I will run. I walk down the hallway and will walk upstairs.

My arms feel really good. I can push up, I can write, I can eat, I stand at the stove with both my hands. When I cook I hold the bowl with my left hand.

I love to eat Chocolate pudding, ice cream, chicken cacciatore and chicken Marsala.

The hardest part of recovery is making my arm work and being patient. I don’t like going to the gym it’s hard. I say “keep working hard and you will get back to your old self”.

The first thing I will do when I’m all better is leave this house. I will go to Culinary Arts College. Someday I will be a chef; I will go to London, Hawaii and New York.

I want everyone to keep trying for me when things are hard for them. When things are hard for them they are impossible for me. If they keep trying I will too.

Please keep praying for me.
Love Corey xoxo