Hi Everyone,

Corey had a good day! We had a wonderful surprise when we arrived at the gym. We had a new coach…Natalie is back with us! Today was her first official day in the Out Patient rehab and Corey is her first client (Of course we took the opportunity to tease Coach Ted about not wanting to work with us any longer). Natalie has been Corey’s “coach” since Day 1. There’s something very special about the bond these ladies have developed.

In addition to their walk around the gym with the Moses stick they decided to stroll down the center hall and up the staircase. Corey stepped up/down 8 steps today…and yes, I got it on video. There are moments you will hold your breath but watching someone learn to do a simple task, such as climb a few steps, is simply fascinating.
Check out Corey Beattie One Step at a Time ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHHdhA-qOxE

Corey this journey has been One Minute, One Day and One Step at a Time. When you think about it that’s life regardless of the challenge you face. What makes it difficult is recognizing, accepting and being patient with the reality of “what is right now”. Your typical day continually reminds me of everything I’ve taken for granted. Thank you for showing me how to appreciate the moment and each step I take on my daily path, xoxo