Hi Everyone,

Physically Corey is making very good progress. Today she and Natalie walked 253 feet! It was the most fluid walk to date. Coach Elaine was surprised to see Corey spontaneously lifting her arm to participate in the game we were playing. Coach Laura was thrilled to see Corey drink 2oz of Wawa Chocolate Milk from a cup without aspirating! (Everyone knows Wawa Chocolate Milk is the best and you don’t want to spill a drop of that!)

Cognitive improvements and challenges persist, however. Corey’s outbursts at the gym are escalating. She is fighting all her coaches and startling several of the other patients. Monday we will be having a meeting with the Psychology team, Dr. Long and her coaches to find a way to help her through this stage. Her short term memory is non-existent most of the time. Her long term memory is patchy. Corey’s anxiety is increasing and she is panicked I will leave her and she will be alone. She panics when I’m literally 5 feet away from her.

Thank you all for writing notes on the carepage as well as mailing us cards to the house. We received a card today that was just what we needed to read. It came from my elementary school friend; we’ve known each other since 1st grade. Thank you Jeanne for today’s message:

HOPE ~ it’s that beautiful place between the way things were and the way things are yet to be.

Corey I know it’s not always easy to wait but look at what you’ve accomplished in just the last 6 weeks. I think HOPE is rooted in “patience, courage and perseverance”…the most beautiful gift of the in-between place is the daily strides you display as we wait for what is yet to be, xoxo