Hi Everyone,

It’s been a big day for Corey…
We had help to move all of Corey’s furniture from the family room upstairs to her bedroom. It’s official; she’s back in her room! We are keeping the hospital bed in the family room for morning and afternoon naps, but Corey will be sleeping in her room every night. We are hoping that this move will help lessen her anxiety as well as spark some familiar memories.

Speaking of memories; as most of you know Corey was a die-hard Phillies fan. She not only knew the stats for her team, she knew the stats for most of the players on all the teams in the National and American Leagues. Corey used to buy standing room tickets just to watch her team. She once wrote there were 4 places that made her happy; Her room, Citizen Bank Park, Disney and the beach. She not only moved into her room, she made it back to see her Phillies.

Tonight she attended her first game since the accident. Our friends the Sifer’s invited us to join them. Corey did very well. She was a little put off at the beginning of the game with the crowd noise, the announcer and the music piped through the stadium but she soon warmed up to the atmosphere and began to have “SO MUCH FUN”.

We had a special surprise. Dan called the Phillies to see if one of the players could come and meet Corey. Tonight was alumni night. We had a visit with Darren Daulton, retired Phillies Catcher. He spent about 15 minutes with Corey. He loved her eyes! He told her that “the eyes are the window to the soul and yours are spectacular”. Then he told her, “Looking into your eyes, you’re coming back”! She smiled and told him “All the way back”. He laughed telling her, “When you come back next year maybe you could try out for those guys…I think they could use you”!

Win or Lose, the Phillies are her team and she loved every minute thanks to the Sifers! xoxo