Hi Everyone,

Tonight the first line of my gratitude list reads “Thank GOD for Caitlin”!

Caitlin is the closest person to Corey other than me. She normally works two jobs and a day off is very rare. Not only did she have today off, she offered to go with Corey and me to the gym.

Little did she know, we left Corey at home and Corrine came with us to Bryn Mawr. Today was her worst day yet. Corey refused to participate and screamed through her PT session. Her walking regressed and reflected her first steps 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately, I was sleep deprived from last night and could not keep my emotional strength. I broke down too. Caitlin stepped in, I went out to the goose pond for a break and the girls went to the second session.

Caitlin is amazing with Corey. When she gets going she reminds me of Robin Williams in his early days. Her random thoughts, sense of humor, ability to impersonate voices and quick wit keep Corey laughing and on task.

The girls played games in OT. Corey used her left hand to hold the chain from the barrel of monkeys, she held the monopoly money to sort by color and number and then the ladies went outside for paddle tennis. During ST, Caitlin managed to encourage Corey to try drinking water from a cup. She took 19 sips of water from her cup without aspirating!

While the girls spent the day at the gym, I went for a long walk at a local park and found a quiet sunny spot to catch up on some overdue sleep.

Early on the kids had a difficult time accepting, adjusting and coping with Corey’s injury. They both have been very good with her from Day 1 working to be supportive and helpful whenever they can. As Corey began to heal so did they. Today I witnessed the character of a very mature young woman. Caitlin deserves a great deal of credit for actively working through her own healing process in order to be such an integral part of Corey’s recovery. I am so proud of her, xoxo