Close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale
Picture the ocean, watch the waves roll onto the sand, listen;
This is a stage
We’ll get through this
This too will pass
God doesn’t give you more than you can handle
Whatever He leads you to, He will help you through
There is a reason for this
The black threads are as needful as the gold and silver
What doesn’t break you makes you stronger

WHERE ARE THOSE LEMONS? Today I wanted to throw them back at the person that gave them to us!!

We need prayers. Corey’s behavior is unmanageable. She will not participate in therapy. The Bryn Mawr team is dedicated to working with her despite the tantrums. This is what they do. I met with Dr. Long and Dr. Janet. We are going full throttle into a Behavioral Plan that will change the OP goals. My fear is that if Insurance doesn’t see the FIM goals met (functional improvement measurement) they will deny further coverage. If we don’t get her behavior under control, we won’t meet the goals anyway…It’s a lose/lose.

Corey’s outbursts are normal for the stage she’s going through. Her stranger and separation anxiety is beginning to escalate and I’m told its going to get worse before it gets better.

It was suggested to me that we put her in a residential program. A facility for TBI and other acquired Brain Injuries. I can’t wrap my head around that. I’m not ready for that. I believe she’s going to come through this…it’s just hard as hell.

Corey is taking a medication at night to help her sleep. When it was initially introduced, it worked well. Two weeks ago it stopped working; she’s been waking with extreme anxiety every 20 minutes throughout the night. Today we doubled the dosage…I hope she sleeps.

We’ve also decided to add an anti-psychotic drug to “take the edge off” during the day. It’s non-addictive but very affective in the TBI world for Stage 4,5,6. She will take that twice a day and then as needed once we get through this stage.

Corey continues to ask enlightened questions about her life, her accident, her home, her childhood, her friends and piecing together that “I’ve been away for a long time” ~ “I’ve missed a lot of years” ~ “Mom, you remember everything, I don’t”.

This weekends visit with family couldn’t be timed more perfectly! I think we both need a break and need to run away for some respite time.

I’m going to sign off for the weekend. I know that the posts have been very difficult to read lately…even harder to live; but I can’t thank you enough for your unconditional love, support and friendship as we go through this “stage”. We need you more now than we did at the beginning of this journey!

Remember where we started
Concentrate on the achievements
Think of the joy you feel when you look into her eyes
Watch her laugh
Her smile lights the room
Her sense of humor is still present
SHE is present
There is so much to be grateful for…xoxo