Hi Everyone,

Every day we continue to be surprised by Corey and her memory. I’ve written about her severe short term memory loss which is one of the greatest obstacles we have with our behavioral plan. She doesn’t remember going to Bryn Mawr, who the therapists are and at the end of the day will ask why it’s taking so long to get home…she has no memory of the day’s visit.

It can be exhausting having to answer the recurring questions but then randomly she’ll sneak in a zinger in the next batch of questions that is from the archives of her long term memory. That’s when it gets fun…

A few weeks ago we were in the kitchen cooking. Out of the blue, Corey asked me a question. I had no idea what she said. Sometimes Corey’s enunciation is difficult to decode but this time, I not only couldn’t lip read I couldn’t decipher the written text either. I needed a translator ~ LITERALLY! It occurred to me, it wasn’t her enunciation…she was speaking to me in Spanish! This is a problem considering I took French in High School.

¿Dónde está mi hermano? Where is my brother? (Seriously Corey!)

¿Cuándo nos vamos a casa? Where is my home? (I only knew Casa in that one)

Every day since she reenrolled in Spanish 101, Corey will randomly share something new she remembered. As of today, Corey is not only my personal fitness trainer (I’m Corey’s workout partner for her therapy homework…she’s helping me get rid of my “fly away” arms) she is also my foreign language tutor. We’ve decided that she will teach me what she remembers from her HS Spanish class and together we learn to speak in Spanish.

Tonight’s lesson was;
Hola, ¿cómo estás? Hi, How are you?

Muy bien y usted? Very well and you?

¡gracias = Thank you
de nada = you’re welcome

UNBELIEVABLE ~ she can’t always remember me but can chat in Spanish! The Brain is amazing…Adios, xoxo