Hi Everyone,

The weekend get-away was awesome! We had an easy paced, relaxing visit. Our last visit to Louise and John’s house in December 2011 we propped their son’s skate board ramp against the staircase leading to their front porch. It took several men to help hoist Corey in her chair up the steep incline. Quite an ordeal! This visit, Corey could stand up out of her wheelchair, walk to the flight of stairs and climbed up and down with me, our nurse and Uncle John as the spotter. What an amazing achievement in just 8 months.

On Saturday Corey had more practice with the front steps. We left my sisters house for the afternoon and made it to the beach; first time in 2 years. Corey is the whitest white girl you’ve ever seen. We didn’t want her to resemble a lobster so we kept her comfortable under an awning and enjoyed the ocean breeze that kept us cool during our stay. It was a beautiful day! (Check out the gallery)

I could say that the beach was our favorite part of the weekend but I think visiting with Papa and several of the NY cousins would definitely top the list!

Sitting at the beach, listening to the waves and enjoying conversation with family throughout the weekend reminded me to “look at everything that is right with our life”. We all have bad days, challenges that are all consuming and moments of complete despair. This weekend reminded me that it’s important to take a break from that daily routine.

A healthy person has a balance of Mind, Body and Spirit. Exercise and/or Therapy is critical for the body. Family, friends and being present where ever you are and appreciating the moment is the key to mind and spirit.

Starting tomorrow, we will be scheduling “Balance” on the daily “To Do” list! xoxo