Hi Everyone,

Today’s post is all about Caitlin. She surprised us with the news that she re-arranged her work schedule today and tomorrow so she could be with Corey at Bryn Mawr (she traded two single days for doubles this weekend)

Corey loves spending time with Caitlin; having her sister with her helps get her through her sessions at the rehab. Unfortunately, Corey was awake at 3:30 this morning so OT at 11am was rough due to fatigue. Her rest time and lunch helped her rally for an awesome PT session at 2pm. The girls walked almost 400 feet, worked on balance exercises and took several steps on the staircase. Corey was all smiles as she showed off for her sister.

When we got home, we decided to do something special for Caitlin. While Caitlin was in her room, Corey gave Jamie, our nurse, and me 20 reasons she’s grateful for Caitlin. We wrote each one on a small piece of paper. I ran out and bought helium balloons and we attached each note to a balloon. Corey was in the middle of the bouquet as Caitlin came up for dinner. She opened the door to the kitchen, Corey called out “SURPRISE” and Caitlin cried! Check out the gallery and we hope you enjoy the link on youtube.

Corey it would be unrealistic to ignore the difficult parts of our day but it’s very important to fill the other moments with reasons to smile and appreciate all the people, places and fun times we do have. Caitlin, you’re at the top of the list! xoxo