Hi Everyone,

Corey had two good afternoon PT and OT sessions. Brittany, OT, loves the schedule change for Wednesday’s. She arrives towards the end of Jen’s PT session and can finally watch Corey in action.

Today Corey and Jen played soccer. This was a very impressive session; Corey primarily used her left leg. She sits at the edge of the matte, lifts her knee slightly to pull her foot back (for the wind up) then follows through to hit the stationary ball placed in front of her. I was the goalie. As I watched Corey concentrate on each incremental step all I could think of were her inpatient days when she moved the right leg playing the same game. That was February-May 2011. Today, August 2012, she stood up to kick the ball alternating feet. At one point Jen asked if she needed a break and wanted to stop; switch activities. Corey said, “No, I want to do more”!

Brittany not only witnessed Corey’s soccer skills, we also had the chance to utilize the standing frame during her session. The first half of their session the ladies stood to chat as Brittany and Corey worked on arm exercises (Corey is a fabulous personal trainer for us). The standing frame has an extra large desk top. The second half of the session, we collapse the frame to a sitting position and the ladies utilize it as a chair/desk for their activities. It was a good afternoon.

Watching the ladies work with Corey and watching Corey smile and interact with her therapists and teachers; I can’t help but pause and think of all the people that have helped us throughout this journey. We are not only grateful for our team but for all the fundraising events that have helped us purchase the tools, games and machines that are necessary to assist Corey on a daily basis as she continues to recover. (Check out the gallery)

Every person that has read this page, cut/pasted to share her story, attended a fundraiser, visited, called, skyped, sent a greeting card, email, text or simply said a prayer for Corey has helped her in more ways than you will ever know. Thank you to all of you!

Corey you remind me that we have choices; we can sit and be an observer or we can take an active part in every moment of our day. You made your choice again today ~ “No, I want to do more” ~ You inspire me to stand up, take a step forward and live my day, Thank you! xoxo