Hi Everyone,

This coming week Corey will be preparing for the next step in her recovery using the Lokomat. The statistics show in just 6 sessions there is a marked improvement in a patients independent walking.

Corey’s goal is not only to walk but to run. Her cousin Christy convinced her to train and run a half marathon in September of 2011. Corey went to the race, not as a runner but a spectator in her wheelchair. Her cousins Christy and Kerri decided to organize their friends and family members to run for Corey as a fundraiser. The money raised has helped us with many of the therapy tools we use at home.

They have decided to run this race every year until Corey can run with them. Next Sunday the team comes to town for the 2nd Annual Run for Corey (a private fundraiser within the ING Race in Philadelphia). Her cousins have put together a training schedule and networking forum for the runners to stay in touch during their hot summer training to keep Team Corey motivated.

The girls asked me if Corey could write a note to help psych up our runners in the last week of training as well as all the people following this effort…here’s what she said:

Marie – “What do you want to say to the runners running for you”?

Corey – Dear runners, Good Luck. Do a good job. Thank you so much for running for me. I can not run yet, but I will run soon.

Marie – “If you were their coach, what would you say to motivate and inspire them”?

Corey – When you are tired please keep running for me so I can run with you soon.
Please keep running to inspire people w/brain injury so we can run with you.
Run for me to the end and I will see you when you’re done. When you are afraid you can’t do it, keep running. You Can!

Love Corey xoxo