Hi Everyone,

Today was a pretty good day. Corey is still having tantrums but she is responding to me almost immediately and she seems to get herself calmed down much faster.

We had ST and PT today. Speech Therapy was tons of fun…primarily because Caitlin joined us and created a game for Corey. It started out as movie trivia but quickly moved to her version of “Name that Tune”. A year ago, Melody Gardot called us. She is an accomplished Jazz Singer who suffered a TBI and Spinal Cord Injury about 7 years ago. During our conversation she told me to start singing with Corey. For those of you who have been walking this path with us since the beginning, you will remember that we started singing an hour a day. Corey started to mouth the words to her favorite songs and occasionally would sing but in a monotone breath; barely a voice. Her voice eventually became stronger and she began speaking last January.

Caitlin’s version of “Name that Tune” highlighted all the Disney songs from their childhood. I can not believe how that girl has managed to memorize lyrics from every Disney movie ever made! There was singing and endless laughter as she acted out the scenes as well.

The most exciting moment of our concert was a song from Mary Poppins. Corey prefers to mouth the words but when it came to ‘A Spoon full of Sugar’ she not only found her voice, she sang with inflection. It’s the first time I not only heard a voice throughout the song, but pitch and tone! Needless to say, the round of applause resonated throughout the halls.

In the afternoon Corey used the treadmill without the ‘Super Suit’ but still clocked distance. Natalie was very pleased with her fluid steps and heel/toe progression. Our recertification period is quickly approaching. Natalie had to take measurements and test for functional improvement. Corey is making good progress and we are hoping for another 24 sessions for ST/OT and most importantly PT…please keep your fingers crossed it’s approved now that she’s on this Lokomat and doing so well.

Corey today’s Daily Motivator has certain paragraphs that are spot on for us at this moment on our path.

~ The most valuable experiences are often the most difficult experiences. The biggest challenges bring out the best in you and compel you to make your best even better.
~ Difficult experiences give you the opportunity to practice persistence and persistence is a quality that is always in demand.
~ Though your efforts may not pay off immediately, they will pay off. Persist and know that you are growing stronger and stonger ~ Ralph Marston

A year ago you were not speaking. Melody suggested singing and you began mouthing words. Eventually you found your voice and today you sang with passion! Persistence, Little by Little; it’s A Matter of Time honey, xoxo