Hi Everyone,

“Caring for the Caregiver”

A few weeks ago I wrote about balance. That word is incredibly difficult to define when you feel like your keeping the balls up in the air, all the plates spinning and a hula hoop from dropping down to your ankles!

How many times have you heard the following; “put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can help the person next to you”, “Take care of yourself first”, “No matter how much you may want to give to others, if you don’t have anything of yourself, then you have nothing to give”. “Taking care of you is not selfish ~ it’s responsible”.

Today I had the opportunity to listen to those words of love and concern which I couldn’t do if it weren’t for our nurse Jamie. She and Corey have a wonderful rapport. Jamie is amazing and can handle Corey as well as Caitlin and I.

Confident in knowing Corey was being well cared for I took a “Me Day”. My mother used to say, “a new Do is a new you”. I don’t know if I’m any different but after 2 hrs with my stylist Debbie, I’m back to my “natural color” and feel fabulous. Then it was off for a medicinal massage session. I’m happy to say I can now turn my head to the right! Holly works wonders on my neck, shoulders and back. (It’s amazing what stress, pushing a wheelchair and transfers do to your body). I picked up Caitlin and together we ran errands. My favorite part of the day was wandering into a “cute as hell shop”, browsing for an hour and stopping for a bowl of soup and an afternoon of girl talk. Caitlin is a fun date!

Unfortunately I don’t always have the opportunity to create a day like today but I’m very grateful when I can! Good night all, happy dreams xoxo