Hi Everyone

This should probably read “good morning”! Yesterday was one of those days that by the time I got Corey settled and asleep, I allowed myself to sit down and write. I sit in my favorite chair, prop the laptop on my lap, close my eyes as I take a deep breath, exhale and clear my mind to listen for the first thought to come to me…it was Corey calling “MAahhhm”…at 4:30am!

Although I was sitting just a few feet away, I woke up startled wondering where I was, what time it was and what happened to the beach I was just sitting on! 🙂

Yesterday was a tough day. Corey’s stranger anxiety is difficult to reorient sometimes.

I want to share that I am incredibly grateful for Natalie and her willingness to work with our conversational approach to the behavioral plan. She wanted to work with Corey on the Lokomat yesterday afternoon. The initial approach was explosive. Corey is at the point that if a person at bryn Mawr says hello to her, she screams out in a panic. It sometimes takes two of us to hold her and calm her down.

During her fit I ask her leading questions to try to find the emotional root of the anxiety. It came out that she didn’t remember coming to Bryn Mawr “ever”. Natalie managed to gain eye contact with Corey. I then watched this amazing professional in action! She calmly spoke to Corey, asked her to take a minute to listen to her voice. She reintroduced herself, told her when they met (restating the date of the accident) and how long they’ve known each other. Natalie confirmed personal details in Corey’s life. “I know you have a cat named Amelia that wears a tuxedo, a dog named Roxie, I’ve been to your house and saw your super cool bedroom on the second floor…” and so on. As Corey looked at Natalie and listened to her voice, I witnessed the tension begin to release in her body. Corey began to relax. After 5 minutes Corey was calm and willing to let Natalie work with her.

We made our way into the Lokomat room. It’s a private area we can section off so Corey is not overwhelmed with distractions from the other patients in the out patient gym. She walked up the ramp of the treadmill with me in front and Natalie behind her for support. Natalie and her coworker secured the harness and positioned her super suit and away she went! She walked for 8 1/2 minutes. Not only that, but Natalie told Corey that it was her best “looking” walk.

We are going thru a tough stage right now, but moments like these are the moments I’m so grateful for. It’s tough, yes, but the gratitude comes because she is having them! When it gets tough I think of the alternative….every fit is a sign that connections are being rebuilt and now that she can communicate it helps us help her strengthen the bridge.

We are very blessed, xoxo