Hi Everyone,

It’s been a very quiet but LONG weekend. Corey and I enjoyed each others company and completed lots of chores around the house. EVERYTHING is therapy! For instance; Parking her wheel chair in the kitchen to walk to the bathroom, folding, sorting, spot checking clothes to do laundry, standing at the sink to do dishes, emptying the dishwasher, stacking Tupperware, plates and putting away the silverware. Corey used a letter opener to open the mail. We used the calculator to balance the checkbook, played on the keyboard as I typed some letters, she beat me at UNO and she stood at the island to use the mixer as we prepared to bake a cake! Doesn’t matter what the task, Corey can think, speak and has two hands and two legs ~ we’re going to make sure she uses everything she’s got!

I’m going to close with a funny story. Tonight I knelt before her to take off her shoes and socks. As I knelt down, “old lady” noises escaped from within. Corey said, “What wrong mom”? Jokingly I replied, “I’m getting old Cor”. She looked at me a little concerned and emphatically told me, “Mom, you’re not at the top of the hill yet”!

She’s so good for my morale, xoxo