Hi Everyone,

We had an intriguing conversation with Corey at the end of a difficult day. We are working with Corey to help her express what the root causes of her outbursts are. So far we have come to the realization that she doesn’t remember the therapists, doesn’t like the crowded waiting lobby of strangers and feels safe at home, “I know home”.

Talking with Corey is fascinating. Her ability to communicate what is troubling her is thrilling because she can finally express it. This afternoon Natalie asked her why she was yelling, why was she frustrated at that moment? Corey emphatically told her, “I’m frustrated all the time”!

Why are you frustrated?
“I don’t like people” she yelled.
“I don’t know them and they ask me to do things I can’t do”!

BINGO! Now we know what we’re dealing with…My response was ‘you don’t remember’ there’s a difference between knowing and remembering…

We ask you to try new things because we have no idea what you CAN do, so why not ask you to do everything and let you show us? We know you get frustrated when you try (and when you don’t respond instantly that’s when you get mad and guess what…you end up doing it!)

There’s nothing you can’t do. There are plenty of things you don’t remember you can do and it’s a matter of time before you can do everything whether you think about it or not.

Have patience with us Corey. You know what you’re capable of, some days We need help finding the best way to ask you to show us. I’m so proud of you for finding the words to help us understand, xoxo

PS – Don’t forget what Natalie told you. She met you almost two years ago. At that time, you were physically unable to do anything. Looking at you then, she admitted that she would never guess that you would be moving the way you are today. You surprised her and everyone that works with you.

PSS – anyone that REALLY knows you is not surprised at all!