Hi Everyone,

Last week Corey was sitting quietly at the kitchen table when she looked at me and said, “EMT’s”.

Surprised and confused, I responded “what about EMT’s”?

C – “There were a lot of boys”.
M – “Are you remembering the accident”?

Corey paused and said, “I don’t know”. She went on to describe her memory of someone telling her “You’re going to be fine”, “you’re ok”, “Stay here with us”.

That someone was Bill…we met him tonight.

I have wanted to go back to the West Grove Fire Company for a long time now but I also wanted to wait until Corey could say her own Thank You’s. In light of Corey’s conversation with me, I called to ask if we could visit. Ironically, the fire company meets with all their volunteers the first Monday of the month. Tonight is the eve of her 2 year anniversary…the timing was perfect.

Shelly couldn’t join us but the volunteers remembered both the girls. We brought a recent picture of the girls (check out the gallery) as well as a collage of Corey’s recovery for those that couldn’t be there to see her in person. We shared that Shelly is doing very well. She is in Cosmetology school, working and is still as beautiful as ever, inside and out. Corey gave her own update!

The guys couldn’t wait to see her move her legs and arms. She extended her left arm to reach for Bill’s hand. She spoke with them and smiled the entire visit.

The fire chief commented in 24 years he has never seen “the after”. He shared that when the men returned to the fire house that night, he told the new guys ‘that’s as bad as it gets’…’now we pray for a miracle’. He added that he goes to church every Sunday. Every Sunday he prays and often asks for miracles. He never thought he’d actually meet a living miracle.

Bill told us that the memory of that night is as clear in his mind as if it happened last night. Seeing Corey, holding her hand and taking a picture with her, has helped erase some of those memories.

Not one of the volunteers would have placed a bet that she would be sitting with them 2 years later. Corey laughed and said, “No one knew”! She looked at them and said, “thank you for helping me”. She told them she wanted to be a Chef and go to school for culinary arts. (We know we have a room full of volunteers to taste test her homework!) We talked about her recovery and the work she is doing. We told them its hard work, but our motto is Never give up and Never give in; it’s a Matter of Time.

I looked at her and stated, “You’re coming back to us”
She smiled, made a fist with her right hand and pumped her elbow backwards as she confidently announced, “FULL FORCE”! The guys lost it! Laughter and applause filled the room.

How do you thank the people that saved your child’s life? These men and woman volunteer their time, taking time away from their families to “do their jobs”. Without them and the Doctors and Nurses from the trauma ICU, as well as the therapists and nurses at the rehab…we wouldn’t be celebrating tonight!

We have so much to be thankful for as we approach our 2nd anniversary, xoxo