Hi Everyone,

The saying goes; ‘your life can change in a second’…we had no idea what that trite phrase truly meant two years ago. Tonight Caitlin prepared an update on Corey’s progress. We were going through old videos and photographs from the ICU to present day. It’s amazing to see how Corey’s progressed.

I remember someone telling me to take pictures of Corey monthly so we wouldn’t forget. Funny how you think, “how could I forget”? I’m so glad we listened. I’m grateful for the documentation. Believe it or not, there were moments I’d forgotten; the towel Corey kept in her mouth to help ease ‘burning mouth syndrome’, Diane and Corey trying to form the word “Mom”…Caitlin sarcastically added, “she’s got that word down now”! Cheering as we watched her arms and legs move ever so slightly and comparing that footage with present day therapy. Trying to teach her to cough, blow her nose, open her mouth, swallow mashed potatoes, balancing her as she tried to sit independently and teaching her to move her eyes to scan the keyboard. The pictures show her healing from a skeletal facial expression to her face softening and forming her infectious smile. It was fun “watching” her hair grow and how her face and body has changed as she started eating and gaining weight.

Pictures not only capture the moment, they validate why we keep pushing forward. The pictures speak beyond a 1,000 words. They chronicle her determination, spirit, energy and accomplishments. The one constant I find in every picture is told in her eyes; “I’m still in here and I’m just waiting to burst out”.

Thank you for your love, support and friendship as we continue to walk forward. It means so much knowing you continue to stand beside her when the road takes a turn and we loose our map!