Hi Everyone,

We have a big weekend coming up! Family will start arriving tomorrow night for Caitlin’s Comedy night. Before I sign off for the weekend, I want to share another BIG FIRST!

Last night Caitlin was playing the piano in the Living room. Corey and I were sitting at the Kitchen table when she leaned over to ask, “why am I not taking piano lessons”?

Giggling to myself I recalled when Corey was younger she hated piano lessons. She never practiced and dreaded Saturday mornings. In fact, the piano teacher told us to stop hoping she’d “want” to play.

I told her she certainly can learn to play the piano and I bet Caitlin could teach her. Moving my left hand onto the table top, I mimicked the motion of playing moving each finger in sequence repeatedly as I assured her that she could start with her right hand and eventually play with her left as it gained strength.

Corey looked at me, placed her right hand on the table to mirror the sequential wave of my fingers then used her right hand to lift her left arm onto the table top. She was silent as she concentrated at watching my fingers roll pinkie, ring finger, middle, pointer, thumb and repeat.

She stared at her left when all of sudden her fingers began to twitch. She studied them silently. I could see she was willing the repetitive motion when it began. She intentionally moved each finger independently.

This is a major first!! Prior to this achievement, she’s only moved her wrist up and down and moved 4 fingers in unison for a hello wave. The fact that she can now give a thumb up with her left thumb and move her fingers independently is a sign; her brain has rebuilt another gross motor connection.

Just think, St. Patricks day (Kerri and Brendan’s wedding) Corey wiggled her left toe. The only sign of movement on her left side; 6 months later her leg, arm and now fingers are intentionally moving independently. Her recovery can be painfully slow until she shows another accomplishment…those moments are rejuvenating and give us the motivation, desire and determination to keep pushing for more…AMAZING! xoxo