Hi Everyone,

I am currently working with a family that is at the beginning of their path on this very long road. I remember being in the ICU after a few weeks thinking I couldn’t imagine coping with all of this for a few years.

Whenever any of us face a new obstacle, challenge or life altering event our internal clock instantly turns into a stop watch. A human response to seek the end point in order to strategize how we’ll manage until we can complete the task, get past the barriers and have closure. The big picture is often very overwhelming. The truth is the “process of coping” is often the most painful and difficult.

In your minds eye, picture a photograph of a snow squall. All you see is white yet you can feel the cold wind swirling within the print. Now picture this scene as a 10,000 piece puzzle. The solid color does not give the usual clues to grouping the pieces that will eventually be coupled. You’re only clues will come from the shapes themselves. You are forced to look at each piece individually.

Now think of your personal challenge…Today is one piece of the big picture; and it’s not a piece of the frame. How are you going to find which pieces fit within each other? How are you going to work on life’s puzzle everyday?

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily ~ Zig Ziglar

One positive thought is the daily motivation that will aide in finding which piece to choose and where it needs to be placed.

I believe Corey’s progress would be much slower if it weren’t for the positive energy and encouragement we all give her every day. Staying motivated isn’t easy and it doesn’t last if we don’t seek it, share it and practice it daily. How would it have helped Corey if we only focused on “the worries”, “might have been’s” or “should have’s”?

Seeking the positive is how we can cope with the process that will ultimately help us appreciate the view of the big picture, xoxo