Hi Everyone,

Corey is celebrating her “Happy Anniversary of Getting Better”!

It was 2 years ago today we moved from the ICU to Bryn Mawr rehab. Corey and I talked about the difference between that drive and the drive we took today. Back then she rode in the ambulance and I followed with my sister-in-law Marjy. I remembered feeling numb, walking into the facility knowing I had to completely trust strangers to take care of her. Brian and Nick were her primary nurses. Each had 20+ years on the low level wing of the Maple unit. They sensed my fear, worry and doubt but tried to reassure me by sharing why they stay at Bryn Mawr; they have seen miracles happen on that wing.

I didn’t realize then that these strangers would quickly become our family. We lived together for 7 months. They were there 24/7 to laugh, talk, council, cry, educate and encourage us to keep going forward. We are most grateful today that our friendship has continued and grown despite our Out Patient status.

After Corey’s therapy session with Natalie, we went up to the Maple Unit. We visited with Brian and all our nurses and techs. We went into the gym to visit the PT’s and OT’s. Many of the therapists haven’t seen Corey since her last discharge, June 12th. They were pleasantly surprised. The staff was thrilled to not only see Corey but hear her speak and interact with them. They see so many patients in the beginning stages of their recovery; it’s exciting to see “what’s happened” for them when they go home.

In Corey’s case, she is one of the miracles Brian and Nick spoke of 2 years ago. They all looked at her in awe, telling her stories about what she could and couldn’t do. She smiled and would occasionally say, “No way”! They would laugh out loud and assure her they were telling the truth. She saw her old room and told me she likes her room at home better, then she panicked a little and wanted to go home (I think she was worried we were staying).

At times Corey’s progress seems to crawl at a snails pace. I didn’t trust what Brian and Nick told me 2 years ago. I didn’t believe them after 7 months when it was time to head home. Trust takes time and patience ~ neither is easily attained when you’re facing a challenge. It isn’t until we step out of our circle that we are truly reminded of the astounding changes that have occurred. (Check out the gallery for the before and after image)

Corey when someone you trust tells you that everything is going to be okay, it can give you comfort. It often helps if you repeat their words out loud. It creates an image in your mind helping you to believe it and accept the concept.

Reminding yourself that everything is going to be okay doesn’t mean you deny the challenge you’re facing. On the contrary, it can give you confidence and the faith that will help carry you through it.

By reminding yourself that everything is going to be okay, you actually encourage yourself to take the steps to make it true. Will everything turn out fine just because we say so? Of course not ~ but it will help to give us strength to work through whatever challenges we’re facing.

It’s the power of positive thinking. If we envision a positive outcome we won’t be overwhelmed by our worst fears and doubts. If we say it out loud, than we can make it happen. Ready….xoxo