Hi Everyone,

We work with Corey on rebuilding the connections for her short term and long term memory daily. I can usually tell how old she thinks she is by her memories and the questions she asks. Today she was 17. Our conversations included memories from the summer before the accident; this is the closest she’s come to her last few months so far!

We stopped at our local grocery store on the way home and happened to meet Chef Young (one of her professors from the culinary arts program at the VoTech – Vocational Tech High School). This is the first time Chef Young has seen Corey since he and Chef D visited her at the hospital. He not only loved seeing her, but he was most excited to hear her voice again and hold a brief conversation.

When we returned home, Corey was filled with questions about her friends and college. It’s very confusing and upsetting to her that her friends are not home but she is. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have so many shattered memories unable to piece back together. Can you imagine going to sleep and waking up 2 years later?

Thank goodness for Facebook! We jumped on and looked up each of her friends. She loved looking at the pictures and she asked to comment on some them. She wanted to write to them as well. She dictated and I typed verbatim. Good news; Christmas break is only 2 weeks away for most of them.

In the meantime we will continue to research strategies and techniques for reconnecting and strengthening her memory. Corey, it’s going to happen. We tease you right now by calling you Forgetful Fran or Dori from Finding Nemo but even Dori remembered 42 Wallaby Way. You can do this! Look at everything else you’ve overcome! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…xoxo