Hi Everyone,

Now that we’ve seen all of Corey’s doctors we can tell you she’s been approved to fly!
That’s right; tomorrow we’re heading west to spend Thanksgiving with Papa in Arizona.

This trip has taken almost two months of preparation and would never have happened without the initial help of a friend that is a travel agent (thank you Carol) and my sister Diane as my personal assistant/travel agent in training. Diane and I tag teamed to make it happen (and by that I mean I would delegate and Diane did the phone and research work).

The preparation included; arrangements for our nurse Jamie, (approval to come with us and arrangements for a temporary AZ nursing license), arrangements with the airline and the TSA (airport security) for escorts and clearance procedures to get through the security checkpoint in both Philly and AZ, (Corey can not go through the metal detectors due to her VP shunt), arrangements for an on-board wheelchair, letters from her Neurologist and Seizure specialist for oxygen if needed and approval for her medications to bring as a carry on, rental of a handicapped van for transportation and contact with the local hospital in Phoenix.

Once we arrive Papa’s home is a single level condominium that has an elevator and handicapped bathroom. Jamie and I will be Corey’s PT/OT and Speech therapists over the next week and we have many activities planned to keep her working. We are anxious to try Papa’s pool for some aqua-therapy too; it’s been averaging 80 everyday!

This is a brand new adventure. I’m not sure what to expect. It feels a little like traveling with a newborn. I’m hoping the pressure change at take off and landing doesn’t bother Corey and I’m also hoping her stranger anxiety is manageable.

As usual, I’m thinking of every possible scenario that might trigger an issue and mentally preparing as to how to diffuse it. We have a carry on with plenty of magazines, music, her IPad and snacks that should keep us all entertained until we land.

I will be bringing my laptop and a camera so we can share the next big step with you!
Better go finish packing…xoxo