The Eagle has landed!

Our trip was seamless. We left the house on time, arrived at the car valet service that drove us to the airport. US Air has four terminals. We were supposed to leave from one that was located at the international terminal. When we arrived, our flight was switched to the domestic terminal – a 10 minute walk. It actually was perfect, we went through security at the international terminal and we were literally the only passengers there.

Jamie went through the usual security inspection first to receive all our carry on bags as I stayed with Corey. She met Corey at a side entrance to a secure area as I went through the regular checkpoint. Corey still has severe stranger anxiety. The TSA officers couldn’t have been nicer or more patient with her. They verbally explained and visually demonstrated their procedure before they began her pat down. Once we cleared security we headed to the domestic terminal.

The plane was on time. We were the first passengers to be boarded. The airline uses a special aisle size wheelchair for passengers with disabilities. We transferred her from her chair to theirs at the mouth of the plane. Corey did not like the transition; she couldn’t see me behind her and she didn’t like being strapped in to the narrow chair. The airline steward allowed me to get in front of her and she calmed down immediately.

This might sound silly but my biggest worry was how she and I would fit if she had to go to the restroom. I was thankful we were only 2 rows away and that both of us are thin! I think the 15 rows behind us were not only surprised to see Corey and I walk there but then we both fit in that tiny room with the door closed! Pretty sure the guy in Row 31 lost his bet.

It was a beautiful day so take off, landing and the flight was very smooth. I was especially grateful there was no turbulence when we had to use the restroom! We arrived 30 minutes early. Papa met us at the gate and our only glitch; Corey’s bag arrived but Jamie and I shared a duffle bag and we’re still waiting for it to arrive as I type this update.

Once we reported the luggage missing we were off to find the handicapped van we rented. This van has a side electric ramp. We took a mini-tutorial and off to Papa’s house we went.

I can’t believe we’re really here. Who would have thought 2 years ago we’d be traveling on a plane? Jamie and I kept thinking we were forgetting something because we packed Corey in one bag. She no longer needs the oxygen tank, suction machine, feeding pump and stand or a dozen bed pads. All her medications were in a small bag for carry on, her daily necessities are in a backpack that hangs from her chair and her clothes and accessories were in one duffle bag. What a pleasure it is to travel “light”.

Tomorrow is the first day of vacation ~ We are so happy to be here! xoxo