Hi Everyone,

Well…this is one day I hope we DON’T have to repeat anytime soon!!

Poor Corey was an anxiety riddled mess. Normally she handles getting blood drawn quite well, but Medicaid changed their provider from Quest to LabCorp so the office was brand new…NOT a good start. It also doesn’t help that Corey has very tiny veins and isn’t an easy stick.

Next was the pre-MRI x-ray. Although we were at the Radiologists a few weeks ago for the CAT scan, this building is unfamiliar to her as well. Corey had to lie on her side with a large machine covering her upper torso and head. I was outfitted with my x-ray super suit and had to squat down so she could see me in the space between the machine and the table.

Next stop the MRI machine. We both changed into our scrubs and the transfer from her wheelchair to the facilities chair was tenuous but okay. When we were in the room, I demonstrated what the procedure would be for her to lay down and move into the machine. Corey seemed comfortable with the demo so we began the transfer. Once she was standing I felt a death grip on the back of neck which I believe left an imprint of her hand. I calmly hugged her and talked to her explaining the transfer and procedure again, assuring her I was not leaving her nor would I let go of her.

The MRI needed a regular view + a view with contrast. This requires an IV for the dye to be injected. As I mentioned, Corey is not an easy stick and the technician had difficulty. I was trying to keep Corey focused on me encouraging the technician that we were fine (the technician was upset for Corey so I found myself calming her down too!) Once she was “hooked up” it was time to go into the tunnel. But not before the “mask” was put on. There is a new attachment the technicians use to keep patients from moving; A cage-like helmet that is added so the patient doesn’t lift their head up during the MRI ~ no one prepared me for this little detail ~ Needless to say, I had to do some quick thinking to explain why this WASN’T a scary cage that would bind her in a coffin shaped tunnel.

“So this machine is sort of like a tanning bed, but you don’t need suntan lotion and you won’t get sweaty”. “We only need pictures of your brain, not your eyes, nose or mouth, so we’re going to put on this visor that will cover the parts we don’t need to take pictures of”. “And it’s great because it will help you hold really still so we can get clear pictures” “These pictures are going to be GREAT because they’ll show how much you’ve healed”!
“Okay, ready…here we go…I’m right here…I’m right here…I’m right here…”

Have you heard the term “White Knuckling It”? The blood is just returning to my hands! I stood to Corey’s left next to the MRI machine. My right hand was holding her left and my left hand was holding her right. My body was slightly bent at the waist as I stretched my arms into the tunnel to hold our grip. The Test lasted 2 hours! She was pretty good through most of it but started to panic towards the end. Fortunately, she remained still and they feel they have clear images.

We had a post MRI x-ray (2nd time was easier) and then to Dr. Y’s office for a quick adjustment to reset the VP shunt. Her results won’t be back until Friday.

Thank you for the prayers and calming energy…it helped me help Corey!
Tonight has been low key. We have had lots of giggles with Caitlin as we watch Elf and relax before bed. How can you not giggle with Caitlin and “Buddy the Elf”?

Happy dreams all, xoxo