Tonight we lean on another for inspiration; Thank You Ralph Marston

You Can Adapt

Life changes, sometimes very quickly and profoundly. Fortunately, you can adapt.

Instead of wishing in vain for a different reality, you can create a new and effective response. Instead of letting the changes bring you down, you can find many new ways to lift yourself even higher.

No matter what has happened in the past, that past is now over. You have the opportunity to create new value out of each new situation.

The more quickly and effectively you adapt, the more prosperous and fulfilling your life will be. When things change, look for the opportunities, for they are surely there.

Change is an essential part of life itself. And adapting to change is an essential part of living successfully.

For your entire life, you’ve been adapting to change. In each new change, find the opportunities, make the most of them, and move your life powerfully forward.