Hi Everyone,

We missed last night’s entry because Corey and I fell asleep in the family room! This week has been a good week, but VERY long.

Yesterday, Natalie reviewed Corey’s Lokomat progress with us. Her first session was September 10th. She walked 72 meters in 4 minutes. She is now averaging almost 700 meters in 24 minutes. The machine is assisting her right leg with 70% of her movement and 85% of her movement for the left leg. This is very good for this stage of recovery; however, Natalie has asked us if we would try adding a third PT session into Corey’s weekly routine.

If you recall, Corey was meeting with all 3 therapists 3 times a week. Despite the one hour scheduled nap, she didn’t have the stamina to participate in any afternoon sessions.
She now meets with each therapist twice a week over 3 days.

Curtailing her schedule has allowed her to make tremendous strides. The Lokomat has significantly contributed to Corey’s recovery. We can begin to see changes in Corey’s ability to lift her left heel and bend her left knee as she initiates a step; as well as the increased strength and control in her upper torso.

We are considering adding the third PT session on Tuesday afternoons. The third session will be in the gym. Natalie believes that adding matte time for conditioning and stretching will accelerate Corey’s ability to walk on and off the Lokomat. As usual we will watch Corey as she adjusts to the schedule preventing it from stunting any forward momentum.

Speaking of set backs vs. momentum…Today we spent the day wrapping our Christmas gifts. Corey is a very good assistant elf. She used the scissors, tape and helped with all the ribbons and bows.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a gift I ordered for Caitlin. For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m famous for putting things in a “SAFE PLACE”. It’s so safe I don’t remember where the safe place is! I looked in every cabinet, lifted every cushion, opened every closet and checked behind/under almost all the furniture in the house. Corey waited patiently at the kitchen table as I frantically searched.

I came back through the kitchen, looking very distressed, when Corey stopped me to ask what was wrong. “I ordered Caitlin a gift and put it in a safe place”. Corey screamed, “OH NO!” “Mom, you don’t remember where you put things in regular places”!

Thank You…this coming from the person that has legitimate memory loss.

There are hundreds of people praying for Corey…I’m beginning to think we need to redirect the focus to a different target…ME!

PS ~ on a positive note, I found the Easter Candy I thought Roxie ate…I wonder if Santa would mind a chocolate bunny instead of cookies this year? xoxo