Hi Everyone,

It’s been a good weekend. Corey and I had fun wrapping even with the 3 cats chasing after the ribbons and bows. We’ve adapted some of the usual traditions to what has become our cat-free tradition. One example; instead of a Christmas tree, we have garland strung with Christmas lights on the back deck. We can see it from the family room, it’s beautiful and the cats can’t get to it! (The old days of child-proofing the house has now evolved to out-witting the cats…sadly…they consistently win)

When a child is 1, their first Christmas is truly a celebration for their parents. When a child is 2 the parents begin to “feel” the magic of the holiday because their child is becoming aware of their surroundings. They are beginning to understand. Corey may be 20 but I feel as if this year she is rediscovering the season. She is more aware and gets excited when she connects her environment to the holiday…although sometimes…the memory is fleeting and/or confusing.

As we were wrapping presents tonight, Corey became very upset.
C – My friends do not have any parties that Caitlin is invited to.
M – I don’t understand? What do you mean?
C – All the presents, what party is she going to?
M – No honey, these presents are Christmas gifts for Caitlin; not for her to take to a party.
She was pensive for awhile when she asked;
C – Are there any presents for me?
I jokingly insinuated that there might be a surprise or two for her.
Corey’s eyes opened wide; “We are having a surprise party? I did not know”!

(The bridges are being rebuilt but there’s still a few planks missing!)

Tomorrow we are off to Bryn Mawr. Keep your fingers crossed that by the time we get home the cats haven’t opened the presents without us! xoxo