Hi Everyone,

My sister called me this weekend to comment on Friday’s post. She loved my car therapy. She applauded the technique and congratulated me on releasing all the internal turmoil. She reminded me, “You are most affective when your anger is below a calm exterior”. “People should be more afraid when you’re calm”!

One fact is certain; stepping away from the chaos is very healthy. We unplugged and shut down this weekend. We relaxed watching movies, slept in and enjoyed time with each other. The respite was rejuvenating. Tonight I was ready to write. In preparation, my first ‘go to’ is my favorite motivational website.

Have you ever gone to a service, a meeting or heard/read a particular inspirational paragraph and it seems as if the speaker/author’s message was composed for you? Tonight’s message was written for us and exactly what we needed to read to begin the new week.

Going good

You’ve done great so far and survived every challenge. Keep it up and make it even better.
It hasn’t been easy and yet you have done it. Now you can continue putting your growing experience to more positively purposeful use.
Some things have turned out great, while other things haven’t worked out so well. And through it all, you’ve learned some extremely valuable lessons.
Your life today has powerful momentum. Your great opportunity today is to point that momentum in a positive, meaningful direction.
Though there have been ups and downs along the way, you’re going good. Now you can keep going even better.
Deep within, you know what works. Keep doing it, keep making new progress, and keep your life on a positive, fulfilling path ~ Ralph Marston

Corey for whatever reason, our lives have been redirected. We must keep the momentum. You are making GREAT progress. Your physical and cognitive accomplishments have exceeded the expectations of every professional you meet. Your story is beginning to make connections in Harrisburg and Washington to further the support of long term rehabilitation post acute care. Your outlook, drive and willingness to get better is inspiring people you’ve never meet. These are just a few reasons we must stay positive and maintain our course.

Before you fell asleep you asked me, “Where are we going tomorrow”? We are going to keep going; moving forward towards our goal ~ Full Recovery ~

Never give up and never give in…xoxo