Hi Everyone,

Dreams are more than wishes. They aren’t always realistic or practical but they do inspire goals and ideas. Isn’t it interesting when people discourage a “dreamer”. What if the dreamers listened to those that claimed to be wide awake? We wouldn’t have any modern convenience. The reason dreams are converted to practical reality is due to the commitment and effort of the dreamer. Dreams become reality because the dreamer can imagine what’s not real yet and they’re driven by the possibilities of what could be.

A life goal is like a dream but is inconsistent with the waking reality of our daily challenges. I believe this truth to be the greatest challenge a dreamer encounters.
A dreamer must never forget that dreams are not supposed to be realistic or practical, and progress isn’t possible without their vision.

Corey we are dreamers! Our dream for you is a full recovery. You will go to college, become a chef, meet someone special and have a family of your own.

We are currently fighting people that tell us our dream isn’t practical and they won’t help us realize it’s potential. Sadly for them, their limited vision to see what we see keeps them “awake” and unable to dream. Their inability to change their conscious perception does not alter our imagination or motivation. You reminded me today “we are fighting for the goal”. Their opposition actually empowers us to reach further. Our dreams have the power to change reality; to create a new and better reality to make things different than they are now.

Sleep well Corey and keep dreaming Happy Dreams, xoxo