Hi Everyone,

Caitlin’s cat is named Carpet (you’ll have to come to the comedy show to understand why). She created a version of Hangman with Corey called ‘Hang Carpet’. Same rules apply but we draw a little cat rather than a person.

Today Corey chose a word from her flash cards. Kate drew the hangman stand but Corey drew the spaces representing the number of letters needed for the secret word (a new first). We would guess the letter. Corey did not refer back to the flash card (retaining the word chosen) and validated our selection. If we guessed incorrectly, Carpet’s body parts were added to the noose. If we guessed correctly, Corey wrote the letter on the correct line (without direction from Kate or me…another new first!) If we couldn’t guess the word, she gave a hint. This was big ~

Natalie is presenting at a conference this week. To prepare Corey for her substitute, we took a picture and video of the therapist assigned to us. We have been talking about Natalie’s friend, Curry, all weekend and have been showing her the picture to prepare her for someone new. The transition went well. Corey worked on the Lokomat today and recorded her best time yet ~ 31 minutes; almost 900 meters, which equals 8 football fields! This was bigger ~

Unfortunately, the biggest surprise came on the ride home. After we brought Aunt Diane to the train station we had a minor fender bender with Bambi. Good news was because it was snowing and the roads were icy, I was driving about 20mph. Fortunately Bambi only took out the van’s front right head light.

Corey was very upset but settled down quickly. She was in her wheelchair which was securely fastened and positioned in the middle of what would be the back seat. She was not jolted in anyway. When we knew she was safe and calm, I asked her how she was. She put her pointer finger to her thumb and said “I’m a little nervous”…I’m grateful for short term memory loss…she quickly forgot the incident.

So ~ if the universe is still testing to see how well we handle challenges I would say;
Beattie woman – 1…Bambi – 0

PS – Bambi of course stood up and ran away unharmed
PSS – In regard to further tests…are we done yet?

Tomorrow I think we’ll play Hang Bambi! xoxo