Hi Everyone,

Last night I literally fell asleep at the computer preparing for our next appeal. The preparation last night and today caused me to reflect on this crazy ride we’ve been on. I am amazed and grateful for each of Corey’s accomplishments. Her progress clearly represents what we have been advocating ~ the acute level of rehabilitation is critical to TBI recovery.

Corey’s recovery hasn’t solely relied on PT/OT and Speech; on the contrary, the nurses that we have had the privilege of working with and learn from are an integral part of ‘our’ daily recovery as well.

Many of you have asked how you can help. We are in the process of working with TBI organizations to formulate a letter that could be sent nationwide. This is not just Corey’s injury. There are 1.7 million TBI victims diagnosed annually; more than ALL newly diagnosed cancers. In addition, our military men and woman are returning home with mild to moderate acquired TBI’s from their tour of duty. Unfortunately there is limited funding, education, research, training and/or rehabilitation available to aide the survivors.

There are many Legislators unaware of the day to day struggle a TBI survivor and their families endure. They write the standard guidelines the Medical Directors use to approve and/or deny coverage for clinical and therapeutic care. Without proper awareness, their standards are actually hindering the opportunity for survivors to receive the necessary care to promote their recovery as well as the support the entire family needs to live this new life.

If we act alone our voice can be silenced. Together we will be heard and can make a difference. Corey worked very hard to regain her voice; we need to speak for all survivors still working to reclaim theirs.