ONE day’s crosses and one day’s tasks – I try to shoulder these for that is all You ask.
DAY by day, I pray that I may hear You and then heed Your whisper in my soul to find the strength I need.
AT every moment, may I seize the “present” of this day. Let me not regret the past or worry today away.
A trial, I know, may simply be a blessing in disguise, so help me look for miracles right before my eyes.
TIME will tell the pattern which You weave with love divine. Grant that I may help create Your grand and glorious design. ~ Lisa O. Engelhardt

Corey seemed to emotionally regress back to behavior we haven’t seen in months. She was disoriented, anxious and hostile.

Where are we going? ~ Why do we have to go here? ~ When can we stop going? ~ I don’t need to go, I’m fine! ~ What happened to me? ~ I don’t live here! ~ Don’t leave me! ~ I don’t remember this place, these people, why does everyone know us? ~ How long do we have to stay? ~ When can we go home? ~ Where are my brother and my sister?

Today we were beyond Fran, Nellie or Corrine…Corey couldn’t connect with any emotion or find the words to express her anxiety.

I was replaying our day unable to find the words to express how hard it was when I looked at the prayer that sits on my nightstand. I read the above prayer daily. There are times I read and reread its words hoping answers to unending questions will be revealed; usually it just leads to different questions…

When life unfolds in a direction you never anticipated or imagined and your world is turned upside down by something that was completely unforeseen, how do you find patience and/or accept your new reality?

Corey reality is what we decide to make it. Accepting reality doesn’t mean we are settling for what we have left. When we have really hard days it’s usually because we get caught in the moment. Staying in the moment is very important except when the moment is filled with negativity, anger and resentment that’s when we have to stop, take a breath and remember ~ This is temporary ~ Accept the things we cannot change and seek the Courage to change the things we can. Within the silence of that momentary pause we will find patience. Patience is the Wisdom that allows the frustrating moments to pass. One Day at a Time, Little by Little, xoxo

“A little bit + a big bit makes my life” ~ Corey Beattie