Hi everyone,
A friend of mine posted a saying on Facebook that I will now adopt as our new mantra.
“ACCEPT the things you cannot change and CHANGE the things you cannot accept” (author unknown)

The first half of this sentence gently reminds me to have more patience. Not because we are not progressing, on the contrary! We have to start consciously focusing on Corey’s overall accomplishments. She has come so far, she’s surpassed the expectations of many experienced professionals and continues to move forward every day. Corey’s achievements have been slow but steady; as she says “little by little”. They are the foundation for our daily motivation. So when we are having a bad day, a frustrating moment or difficulty maneuvering a new challenge, we have to remember we may not be able to change what we are facing at that moment but it doesn’t mean it won’t change in the near future. Accept the things we cannot change means we have to have patience with the timing of change.

The second half of this mantra is also a reminder that progress requires change. Change begins when someone decides their current situation is no longer adequate and there’s got to be a better solution. A timely reminder as we gather statistical information to compose the letter to our Legislators. Change occurs with education and awareness. It’s the result of looking at something from a different perspective, coupled with the willingness to listen and learn from another’s personal experience. This is the catalyst for real progress within any circumstance.

Change what we cannot accept…and I always wondered where Corey got her stubborn streak? xoxo