Hi Everyone,

No worries; I didn’t fall into a coma and sleep the last two nights! Yesterday was a very busy day for Corey and I preparing not only for the appeal but writing for potential presentations (just in case you were thinking we were sitting around eating bon bon’s)

Corey has had a few highlights worth sharing. Yesterday she and her teacher Beth worked on MadLibs. Corey was able to identify Nouns, Pronouns, Proper Pronouns, adverbs and adjectives to complete the nonsensical tale.

After class, she played 20 questions with Jamie. The object had to be in the room they were in (the kitchen) but not hidden (in a cabinet). Corey confirmed the object was white, small, holds things yet doesn’t have handles. Jamie guessed everything she could possibly think of. (My kitchen counters are not cluttered so she was running out of items to guess). When she finally gave up Corey simply stated, “My Hand”. Jamie squealed “YOU TURKEY”… Corey just smiled!

Today we played a childhood favorite GUESS WHO. Corey loved this game as a child. There is one male character with a bushy mustache. When Corey was young, her descriptive question to her brother was, “Does your guy have a caterpillar on his face”?
Before I shared this story with Elaine, her OT, I showed Corey the card and asked her if it brought back any memories. She stared at it when suddenly her face softened and she began to smile. She wanted to describe what the memory was but couldn’t quite place it. It’s moments like these that I know her long term memory is in tact but she can’t retrieve the words to retell it yet when we repeat the story she giggles with full acknowledgement.

Tonight I had a rare treat. Caitlin literally ordered me to go out. I am fortunate to have many close friends and two women in particular are always up for the “last minute call” even on a school night! What I love about my friends is their unconditional love. We sat together for a few hours covering a myriad of topics and it felt “Normal”. It wasn’t all TBI and Corey…it was Marie and her girlfriends.

I am filled with gratitude tonight, xoxo