Hi Everyone,

Caitlin has decided to be the boss of me! She had the night off from work and ordered me to go out. Our close family friend, Dan Orlando, is an amazing musician who happened to be performing at a venue in Philadelphia tonight. JohnPaul and his girlfriend Jackie joined me to see the concert. You all need to remember this young man’s name. Once he is discovered his original lyrics, voice, musical composition and arrangements for the piano will undoubtedly be compared to Billy Joel and Elton John!

Unfortunately, the girls had a rough start to their girl’s night. Corey forgot that I was leaving. When she realized I was not in the house she left Caitlin to deal with Corrine’s evil twin! I was about 20 minutes into my ride when they called me. Caitlin warned me I might need to turn around and come home ~ she’d never seen Corey act out to this level. (We do have an emergency pill she can take to calm down) I not only instructed her to get the pill but I also encouraged Caitlin to prepare her a snack as well as spray my perfume on a blanket Corey could hold while I was out.

I stayed on the phone with the girls for the rest of my ride talking to Corey until the medication took the edge off the anxiety. We hung up but I clung to my phone waiting for the next call. Caitlin texted me after an hour to let me know the girls were listening to music, painting nails and planning to play ‘hang carpet’. I was relieved and ready to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Thank you Dan, your concert was great with the added pleasure of meeting up with your parents. Colleen, Amy, Laura, Kristen and Wyatt, I adopted you in High School for a reason…it was great to catch up with you.

Caitlin ~ I know how tough tonight was for you but I can’t thank you enough for a wonderful night out! I love you and appreciate your help! xoxo