Hi Everyone,
Well I guess we found Nemo! Most of my family and friends throughout NY, CT and MA are in the deep end on this storm. I’m sure they wish they were visiting us this weekend as we just have a dusting…be safe out there please!

Today was a quiet day working for the BIA. Corey sat with me as we made calls to families sharing resources and links. It’s interesting to watch Corey as she listens to my side of the conversation. Her responses are also intriguing. If I happen to be discussing a serious injury, she asks insightful empathetic questions. I truly believe that her moments of clarity and understanding are lasting longer. She is becoming more aware.

After a particularily difficult call, we took a break to read the carepage and we read from our favorite daily motivational website. Corey really liked today’s reading and told me everyone should read this. She said, “we have to tell everyone not to give up hope even when your heart hurts “. “Eventually it will be all better “.

Attached below are the words Corey asked to share. We hope they inspire and comfort you too.
Take some time to do something just for yourself this weekend! Enjoy, xoxo

Give hope

Every situation starts out as hopeless. When there is hope, it is provided by you.

Hope is not based on the way things are. Hope arises from your choice to feel it.

You can give hope to this day. And then you can justify that hope by the way you live.

Hope is not only for the young and strong and advantaged. Hope is for all who love life and its endless possibilities.

Now, no matter what, you can give hope, and you can live that hope. Now, no matter what, you have as much reason and ability to feel true joy as anyone has ever had.

So feel that joy, live with real hope, love and treasure all the goodness. Give hope, live up to your hope, and let your hope prove itself to be very well founded ~Ralph Marston