Hi Everyone,

I feel as if a week has past since we wrote yet it’s only been a few days!

Friday we went to the Urologist. The Doctor would like a CAT scan of the kidney and bladder to follow up the ultrasound findings. Corey has a dilated right ureter. This could indicate a blockage. Corey’s chronic frequency and urgency (especially through the night) could also be bladder spasms and/or a neurological connection that has misfired. We need to rule out all clinical testing as well as experiment with a smooth muscle relaxing agent before we will receive a final diagnosis.

The rest of the weekend was very enjoyable. Aunt Diane came to visit, JohnPaul and Jackie came out for a short visit and Corey and I even managed to take down the outside Christmas decorations before Easter! (There is still a Snowman on the front porch. I’m thinking I might put bunny ears on him until I can get to it).

After we drove Aunt Diane to the train station we headed to Costco to pick up Corey’s glasses. She actually selected the frames two weeks before her accident. When we were in the ICU, I received a call they were ready for pick up the night she was in surgery ~ I’m happy to say 2 ½ years later she not only gets to wear them but she still likes the frames as well! (Check out the Gallery)

We arrived home late afternoon. Corey was in her chair on the back deck as I unraveled the string of lights from the garland and bows draped along the inside/outside rails. I placed my cell phone on her lap and put her in charge of alerting me of any texts or phone calls. Prior to the accident, Corey purchased a Blackberry phone for her self. We changed our family plan primarily because Corey sent over 7,000 text messages a month! Familiar with the phone, she asked me where her phone was. “It was lost at the scene of the accident”, I replied. She sat quietly looking at the phone in her right hand as she held one end of the lights with her left hand.

As I tried to unknot, untwist and detangle the strands (listening solely to the internal dialogue of why I thought this design idea seemed so pretty back in November) Corey interrupted my silent debate. “Mom, I wrote my name ~ Corey Marie Beattie”.

I walked over to her to watch the demonstration. She palmed the phone in her right hand as her right thumb navigated the Blackberry keyboard. It was slow and methodical (and had a few extra letters) but she indeed typed her name. Before today she could not see the keys on my phone.

I congratulated her, reminding her that this is not only another new accomplishment but she instinctively remembered something from her past. Another found puzzle piece. She corrected me, “I can see now”. She quickly continued, “When can I get my own phone?”

All I could do was smile ~ Imagine the discoveries that will be revealed now that she can see her world.

BTW…the answer to her question, ‘It’s a Matter of Time’, xoxo