Hi Everyone,

Last night I had an early Valentine’s Day gift…we had a nurse! I actually slept from 10:30-7:30 this morning! I only woke once to kick the cat out of the bedroom. That was the first full nights sleep I’ve had since Corey’s accident (I don’t think my body knows what to do with that much sleep!)

The rest was needed as today was another rough day for Corey. I had a long talk with Natalie about Corey’s change in behavior. We are going to have another team meeting but she agrees we are all seeing more anxiety as she appears to be more aware of her surroundings. Unfortunately, the catalyst is the memory loss of the accident.

Today’s example;
As we pulled into the main entrance of Bryn Mawr, “Mom, where are we”?
M – Bryn Mawr
C – What is this place?
The sentence wasn’t complete when I recognized the anxiety pattern
M – Bryn Mawr is a rehab hospital. We come here 3 days a week for therapy since your car accident.
C- What accident, what’s wrong with me?
M – You broke a lot of bones but your head injury broke your memory. Working with Natalie, Kate and Elaine is helping your body and your memory get stronger.
C – I’m fine, I’m already strong. When can we leave? I want to go home, I don’t know these people.
M – I know you don’t remember them but we do know them and they love working with you. The fact that you’re yelling at me is a sign you’re getting better! Not too long ago you couldn’t talk let alone yell at me ~

And so it goes…This is not uncommon for TBI patients. Memory loss is complex. Corey has long term memories from childhood yet she has developed recall for some short term memories. A moment later, she’s lost the last 6 years. From the research we’ve read Corey’s memory will continue to ebb and flow as the brain heals and forges new connections.

While we wait for growth we continue our daily mantra’s as we reassure her hoping to diffuse her anxiety. We can only hope that our consistency strengthens the new threads she’s beginning to weave within the holes of the existing tapestry of her mind.

Every day is a new day. We patiently wait for healing as we live a “normal” life; our “new normal”. After Bryn Mawr we visited some friends then headed to the mall at King of Prussia and had dinner ~ some things haven’t changed!

Happy Valentine’s Day, xoxo