Hi Everyone,

We had two very good moments at Bryn Mawr today.

Typically, Corey’s gaze does not wander from me. When others are speaking with her, she remains fixated. We have been trying to work on this for obvious socialization reasons. Today, I asked Corey why she doesn’t look at Kate when Kate is speaking to her. She told us she feels safe when she looks at me. If she looks away, I might leave her. This is an emotional break through. She qualified her fear and expressed it.

I reached out to hold Corey’s hand reassuring her I wasn’t leaving the room. As she held my hand, she turned towards Kate to participate in the remainder of the session. This baby step was truly a giant step for her!

This afternoon we asked Natalie to watch Corey and I walk together. I am beginning to have shoulder issues, specifically straining the muscles near my rotator cuff. Corey’s body weight as she leans on me, our height difference and my over compensating for balancing both of us are the leading contributors to my pain.

Natalie worked with us using a walker with dual platforms. The walker has two extensions that enable Corey to stand tall, elbows and forearms resting on the platforms at 90 degrees, hands gripped on vertical handles (not unlike extra large joy sticks). I stand behind her, my arms reaching beside her hips holding onto the walker itself. We stepped in unison to steer and balance as we moved forward. The strain and pressure in my shoulder was relieved.

Corey was terrified to try something new. She did not feel safe letting go of me to use the walker but we worked through her rage and walked 20 feet. This was another major break through…in fact; we may have created a new therapy ~ synchronized walking!

Corey I am so proud of you for trying something new today. You reached within your self when you felt the most vulnerable and pushed past your fear. Every time you push yourself you are actually pushing your self imposed limitations back. It has been the little steps that add up to the big accomplishments in your recovery. You are proving the unimaginable is within reach. If you doubt yourself again, find it difficult to look within, than look beside you ~ we will remind you of each step you already surpassed. There is nothing you can’t do. We believe in you, xoxo