Hi Everyone,

We received the copy of Corey’s Lokomat video from Bryn Mawr. As soon as my tech savvy daughter, Caitlin, can work her magic we’ll have it up for public viewing. (We all have our strengths and I am aware of my limitations!)

After Bryn Mawr, Corey and I headed into Philly for an impromptu date with JohnPaul. JohnPaul works at his alma mater the University of the Arts. He is the Director & Production Coordinator for the Caplan Theater in the School of Music. He invited us to attend the UArts Big Band concert. The kids all played in the middle school and high school band. JohnPaul and Corey played Trumpet, Caitlin played Tenor and Baritone Saxaphone. Music has been a big part of our lives.

We weren’t sure how Corey would do with the crowd or the noise but we came prepared with head phones and special seating near the sound booth yet far enough away from the stadium seating that Corey wouldn’t feel overwhelmed ~ then we held our breath and crossed our fingers she’d enjoy the experience.

The siren of the trumpets, trombones and saxophone’s opened the first chart. Corey turned to me, her eyes wide with excitement and she began her high pitch giggle. She reached for my hand tapping her fingers to keep beat with the band. She was elated.

One of the band members is a neighbor and friend in his senior year. When the conductor introduced his solo, Corey recognized his name and actually called out a loud “Whoooo” as she clapped for him. JohnPaul and I looked at each other and cracked up…all she needed was a lighter to hold as she shouted ‘encore’!

We stayed for half the concert when she began to fatigue. On the way home, she asked where we were. I recalled the events of the evening. She did not remember dinner or the show. Somewhere in the corner of her mind, I’m sure tonight’s concert is tucked away. Someday it will come back to her and I’m sure the memory will bring even more smiles.

Please keep us in your thoughts tomorrow. We have the first level appeal meeting at 10am and Corey’s ultrasound for her bladder and kidneys at 2pm.

Hopefully tomorrow night we can share good news along with her amazing video. Happy dreams, xoxo