Hi Everyone,

March 1st…really? We are happy it’s Friday!

Corey is sleeping beside me, finally resting from a terrible migraine that lasted all day (the result of yesterday’s testing I’m sure).

I am feeling very calm and grateful tonight. I truly appreciate our family, friends and therapy team. It’s been very difficult lately but our support system has rallied to give us the strength we need to get through the day to day work.

Although Corey’s been more difficult to handle recently, I am very encouraged that it’s a sign she is healing and advancing. Her arguments and deviance is showing a higher level of thinking. These moments are not lasting long enough for full coherent conversations but I can see glimpses of analytic thinking and cognitive understanding that were not present a month ago.

We made it through another tough week. Tomorrow is spa day with music, cooking, relaxation, laughter, games and a little exercise planned throughout the weekend as well.

We hope you take time to enjoy something fun this weekend too, xoxo