Hi everyone

This is corey im typing myself.
Today was a really big day
Why you might ask?
I walked around the island with a walker but my mom didn’t hold onto me
She was shocked
People said that I would not be able to do any thing and I am proving them all wrong every day
Do not give up or give in even when it gets hard
I know its really hard but when it gets hard just keep going
I want to walk all alone with no hel,p

Thank you to everyone for sticking by me
I will keep going for all of you and for myself
I hope that all of you can obtain your goal too
I believe in you all
do not give up

I think that I am getting better because of prayers and hard work
Thank you all for not giving up on me

Loveee coreyyy xoxoxoxo

Side note from Marie;
One year ago this weekend, Corey wiggled her left big toe!
Imagine what she will be doing next year…the Irish jig perhaps??