Hi Everyone,

It was another busy day. I’m beginning to worry about Corey’s left leg and foot. Her muscles are beginning to stiffen (the medical definition is clonis spasms). Unfortunately, the muscles on the back of her left knee and thigh were so tight we had to cut her Lokomat session short. She fluctuates with her cooperation and we haven’t been getting full productive PT sessions at Bryn Mawr or from our school therapist. We must increase her stretching and hope to loosen the muscles…and pray it’s not the brain sending the wrong signals to the leg/foot!

Tonight we had the honor of visiting with Senator Pileggi. Believe it or not, it was one year ago this weekend we held the Rally to install the four way stop at Corey’s Corner. FYI; there hasn’t been one accident at that intersection since the stop signs were installed!

Senator Pileggi attended our rally that weekend. He has maintained his support throughout the past year as well. He was happy to see the progress Corey’s made in the last year. We talked for over an hour about her rehab and the services she receives.

The last meeting we had, the Senator asked me “if you were Queen for a Day what changes would you make”? At the time, I was overwhelmed with his question and couldn’t think of an appropriate response. Today after summarizing the last year’s battles and sharing the statistical facts I’ve researched about TBI, I revisited his question.

“You asked me what I would do if I was Queen for a day. I want to sit before the Senate and the House to share Corey’s story. We need to bring awareness to Traumatic Brain Injury. Every Senator and Congressman (across the country ~ not just Pennsylvania) needs to understand what TBI is and how critical it is to financially back the research, education, training and rehabilitation needed for survivors to recover from the nations leading cause of death and disability”.

“Corey is everyone’s daughter, sister, niece and/or partner. Most families are overwhelmed and cannot find their voice to promote awareness. I am convinced that Corey survived so she can speak for them. She survived the most severe injury and her progress, albeit a-typical, is one example of what could be possible for another survivor. Who’s to say it couldn’t? We must bring awareness and support to open the state waivers and get more funding for Medicaid coverage”.

I think the Senator was surprised at the change in my answer, research and knowledge of the topic. As I stated facts, Corey chimed in, “Yes, Mom! We need help”; “We can fight for Brain Injury”! The Senator commented on our passion and agreed. He told us he would help make some calls to introduce us to a few other Senators that he believes will assist us to hopefully arrange a hearing for TBI awareness.

Keep those prayers coming that the people we meet will “hear” our voice and help us to make the changes thousands of families need for their recovery path.

PS; If she can meet the Senators and Congressman in Harrisburg, imagine what she’ll do when we go to Washington! xoxo